Duke Energy Center


Rules and Guidelines

The following guidelines have been created in compliance with City building codes and fire codes and in the interest of office safety, maintaining a professional office environment and improving energy efficiency. It is important that each tenant adhere to these requirements.

  • Space heaters are not permitted in tenant workspaces. If you experience temperature problems, report them to the Help Desk at 704-330-2500.
  • The use of any personal appliances with heating elements (such as coffee makers, pot warmers, toaster ovens, electric blankets, etc.) in non-designated break rooms is prohibited. Approved appliances within tenant breakrooms must be plugged into a GFI outlet if within six feet of a water source.
  • Only surge protectors or isobar outlets are permitted in office areas. Use of extension cords and any other outlet extension or adapter is strictly prohibited and a violation of fire code. Surge protectors and isobar outlets should not be “daisy chained” together (i.e. plugged into one another).
  • Please turn off all lights, computers, and other appliances when not in use to help conserve energy.
  • When possible please close exterior blinds to help conserve energy. During the summer, our staff may close blinds to assist in temperature control.
  • Do not hang objects from the ceiling as this is a violation of the fire code. Items attached to the ceiling may interfere with the function of the automatic fire sprinkler system. Please note that the Charlotte Fire Department has the authority to fine violators of this code for each item affixed to the ceiling.
  • Items stored on shelves must be at least 18" below the ceiling. No shelving or storage space may be erected in the main corridors.