Duke Energy Center


The urban context of the project provides walking distance access to many amenities and services such as a pharmacy, coffee house, restaurants, hotels, museums, a convention center, post office and many others.

The parking deck, approximately 23 acres, is stacked under the building to minimize the project footprint and eliminate surface parking which helps to reduce the heat island effect in cities by reducing the amount of heat absorbing surfaces.

Over the course of 4 years, more than 80% of the waste generated during the excavation and construction of the project was diverted from landfills. During excavation 350,000 cubic yards or 40,000 dump trucks of stone were removed and taken to Martin Marietta Quarry to be crushed and recycled for roads or fill.

Tenants and visitors to the Duke Energy Center also have multiple transportation options. Visit the links below to for more information on alternative transportation.