Duke Energy Center


The following is a brief overview of the Levine Center for the Arts Garage Rules. A complete set of Parking Rules and Regulations is issued to each monthly parker at the time of registration describing the terms and conditions of the parking contract. Failure to abide by these rules and regulations may result in termination of parking rights.

  • Any vehicle driven by a monthly parker must be registered with the Childress Klein Parking Office. Parking staff will place a sticker on each vehicle for identification and control. If a vehicle is parked in a monthly area and does not have a monthly parking sticker, an information request form will be left on the windshield. Parkers not responding to the request may be subject to towing.
  • Monthly parkers must park in their designated areas.
  • Monthly parkers may not park in the visitor area (levels P1 and P2) at any time without prior authorization from parking personnel. Violators may have their parking privileges terminated.
  • Directional arrows must be followed throughout the garage. Anyone observed driving the wrong way will be given a written warning or may have their parking account terminated.
  • The speed limit is 5 mph in the garage. Anyone observed driving at an excessive speed will be given a written warning or may have their parking account terminated.
  • Unauthorized parking is not allowed in reserved spaces or in no parking zones. Vehicles may be towed without warning.
  • Vehicles must be parked front-first in a parking space and not backed into a space. Security must be able to see license tag numbers and identification stickers at all times.
  • A parking card authorizes a Licensee to have no more than one vehicle in the garage at any given time.
  • All vehicles must be parked in only one space. Vehicles must be parked within the lines of the parking space to avoid a violation.
  • Monthly parkers may not park in the LEFEV zones without prior registration with the Parking Office.
  • Any accident occurring inside the garage that involves damage to vehicles and personal injury should be reported to the Charlotte Police Department and Building Security (704-330-2525).

Citations may be given for a violation of any of the above rules and regulations. Any parker receiving three or more citations will be subject to towing or termination of parking rights without further warning.