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The Levine Center for the Arts Garage contains approximately 200 spaces which are available for guests and visitors of the Duke Energy Center and the Cultural Campus and are located on levels P1 and P2. Parking is provided on a first-come, first-served basis. Visitors will pull a time-stamped ticket to enter, and then present the ticket to the cashier upon exiting. Visitors are required to pay for parking at the posted hourly or daily rates when exiting. The cashier booth accepts cash, debit cards, MasterCard and Visa. Personal checks are not accepted, and receipts are provided for all cash or credit transactions.

To make parking for guests of our tenants as convenient as possible, we offer the following programs:

The Chain-Reserved Section provides space for tenants' clients and visitors when the garage is in a "Lot Full" mode. The "Lot Full" sign will be activated when the visitor parking spaces are full. Several spaces will be held off the market by a chain barricade until the garage nears capacity and requires this remaining block of parking. The chained-off spaces will be made available specifically to tenants' guests during the times in which garage vacancy is very limited and is absolutely necessary. We ask that tenants inform their guests that the garage may be in a "Lot Full" status prior to arrival. During these periods, the visitor will need to pull forward into the drive lane and seek attendant assistance through the intercom located near the ticket dispenser. The attendant will instruct your guests to the first available space held off the market, or to the chain-reserved area.

The Client Validation Program enables tenants of Duke Energy Center to pre-pay for parking for their visitors or guests. In order to participate in this program, the tenant must purchase parking stickers in advance from the Parking Office. The stickers must be attached to parking stubs and shown to the parking attendant in the West Stonewall Street cashier's booth upon exiting. See the daily rate structure below which illustrates how many stamps are required for any transaction, as well as recaps the cost of our validation offers. For more information and instruction, please contact the Management Office at 704-330-2501.

Daily Parking Rates

Parking PeriodDaily Market Rates

First half hour


Each additional half hour or fraction of a half hour


Weekday max


Weekday in-after 5:00 PM max


Weekend max


Time-Elapsed Period During the Business Week

0 to 10 minutes (Grace Period) =


11 minutes to 30 minutes =


31 minutes to 1 hour =


1 hour & 1 minute to 1 hour & 30 minutes =


1 hour & 31 minutes to 2 hours =


2 hours & 1 minute to 2 hours & 30 minutes =


2 hours & 31 minutes to 3 hours =


3 hours & 1 minute to 3 hours & 30 minutes =


3 hours & 31 minutes to 4 hours =


4 hours & 1 minute to 4 hours & 30 minutes =


4 hours & 31 minutes plus =


After 24 hours in the garage the rate structure will repeat

Time-Elapsed Period After-hours

0 to 10 minutes (Grace Period) =


11 minutes to 30 minutes =


31 minutes to 1 hour =


Validation Sticker Denomination


Quantity Amount

$1.00 Stamps

100 per book $100.00

All Day Stamps ($20)

10 per sheet $200.00