Duke Energy Center


For the security and convenience of our parkers, we offer the following features and services:

Emergency Call System: Located in all stairwells and on all levels of the garage, emergency call stations enable a parker to contact building security to notify them of a problem or impending danger.

CCTV Cameras: Located throughout the parking lots and at each elevator landing in the garage.

Security Patrols and Escorts: Duke Energy Center security performs routine garage patrols. Officers are also available to escort parkers to their cars upon request.

Dead Battery: Parking and security personnel can assist in the event your car will not start.

Locked Keys: Parking and security personnel can assist by calling a certified locksmith to retrieve keys locked in the car.

Flat Tire: Parking and security personnel can assist by calling a tow truck or can provide access to an air compressor.

Security Escorts: Security personnel can escort monthly parkers to their vehicles by request after normal business hours. Availability of this service is based on current security staffing, and wait times are likely.

Lost Car: Parking and security personnel can assist with finding a vehicle in the event that a monthly parker or visitor cannot remember where a vehicle was left.

All vehicles are parked in the Levine Center for the Arts Garage at the parker's risk. Parkers are encouraged to lock all doors and remove any valuables from the vehicle. Building Management will not be responsible, in any event, for theft, damage or loss of vehicle or items contained within the vehicle while parked in the facility. Parkers are encouraged to contact Building Security immediately at 704-330-2525 if suspicious activity is observed in the garage.