Duke Energy Center


Motorcycle Parking

Motorcycle drivers should use the "compact" labeled parking spaces since separate motorcycle parking spaces are not provided in the garage. Motorcyclists are urged to use extreme caution upon entering and exiting the garage, since the automatic gate arms are not designed to detect motorcycles. Motorcycles can park at a reduced daily rate of $5/day. Scooters and other small-engine bikes that do not require a license plate or registration with the Department of Transportation may park in the garage for free.

Bicycle Racks

Bicycle racks are located on the P1 level at the bottom of the Church Street ramp and near the Tower elevators on P1. All bicycle traffic must use the Church Street ramp to access the garage. Since the automatic gate arms are not designed to detect bicycles, cyclists are advised to dismount from their bikes and push them past the gate arms to enter and exit the garage. Cyclists using the bike racks are expected to properly secure their bikes to the rack. Childress Klein Properties is not responsible for improperly secured and/or stolen bicycles.