Duke Energy Center


All bomb threats should be treated with the utmost care and urgency. Although it has been proven that the vast majority of these calls are false alarms, at no time should any call be ignored or disregarded. If you receive a bomb threat call, please keep the caller on the line as long as possible. Write down as much information as you can collect, such as location, time of detonation, appearance of bomb, reason for planting bomb, etc. Report all information to the Building Management Office at 704-330-2500 as soon as possible. After business hours, please contact the Security Control Center at 704-330-2525. If evacuation is necessary, the Building Management Office or the Security Control Center will advise you.

If a bomb threat is received through the mail, notify Building Management or Security immediately. Save the letter and the envelope and do not remove them from the area where they were opened, if possible. If you find a suspicious item (package, box, briefcase, etc.) that does not belong in your area, notify Building Management or Security immediately.

In any of the above situations, it is important to keep all information regarding the threat confidential, informing only those who "need to know". Evacuation necessity will be determined by a joint effort of the Police and Fire Departments and Building Management. By maintaining confidentiality, it may be possible to determine the identity of the perpetrator and increase the chances of an arrest and conviction.


Exact time of call                                         
Exact words of call                                                                                  

Questions to ask:
When is the bomb going to explode?                                                                      
Where is the bomb?                                                                                                
What does the look like?                                                                                         
What kind of bomb is it?                                                                                          
What will cause it ot explode?                                                                                 
Did you place the bomb?                                                                                         
Where are you calling from?                                                                                    
What is your address?                                                                                             
What is your name?                                                                                                 

Caller voice: (circle)
Calm Disguised Nasal Angry Broken
Stutter Normal Sincere Lisp Rapid
Giggling Deep Crying Squeaky Loud
Excited Stressed Accent Slurred Slow

Is the voice familiar, whom did it sound like?                                                                      
Were there any background noises?                                                                                    
Person receiving call:                                                                                                           
Telephone number call received at: